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New Kurai City

New Kurai City...there's no place quite like it...at least for now. An island city co-built by the Japanese and the Americans, NKC is the answer to all the early 21st century's problems. Clean power, clean environment, and clean living. Everything you could want. Education, work, and profit for everybody. That's the promise. From Kamigami No Te to the Ie district, New Kurai City is idyllic and constantly reinventing itself.

And for those who want to get a little dirty, there's always True Kurai, the City Below. The Lantern District, Rust, and Ten Thousand Fires are all there below the surface, for those who like that sort of thing.

New Kurai City is a new system-agnostic cyberpunk-future setting by APON Games that will be released through our Patreon monthly. Each month's City Guide will delve into different aspects of the city including Corps, Locations, NPCs, Adventure Hooks, and Products. Twice a year we'll release an adventure that will expand on the prior six-months' release. 

We will be releasing a free Jump-Start Introduction in July, as well as the first full Jump-Start City guide to our Patrons and on DriveThruRPG.

Come join us in a new exciting new entry in the cyberpunk genre.

Players - Any
Time to Play - NA
Ages - 13+
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