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Broken: a Tragic Romance Game


Broken is a two player tragic romance game about broken objects and broken hearts. Create two characters in a relationship and over the course of ten scenes, you will explore the ways in which the things you loved about each other crack until everything about your relationship is broken. And over ten scenes, you will also break ten, real life, physical objects.

In Broken the relationship will always end. But while the tragic conclusion is inevitable, there is potential for healing and self-discovery along the way.

Broken is an emotionally deep game that explores themes of memory, identity, loss, empathy-building, hope, and healing. Imagine a game that recreates the experience of going through a break-up with the catharsis of smashing objects while telling a beautiful story along the way and you have Broken.



Written by: Benjamin Wallis

Edited by: Melissa Wallis

Additional Design: Blaine Martin

Consulting: Jeff Stormer


Artemis Abella, Justin Allen
Angela Castro, Ted Gold
Jam, Emily Larus
Gabrielle Rabinowitz
Melissa Wallis, Len Whittaker

Players - 2
Time to Play - 1.5-2 Hours
Ages - 16+
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Aug 18, 2022

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