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The Hard Lessons

The wind howls as you trudge your way slowly up the mountain. You pull your hood closer around your face. You see that someone has already lit the torches and the shapes of the old school waver in the dance of dark and light. Soon you find yourself at the door and you remember the first time you made your way up this mountain, an untested pupil. You touch the old symbol on the lintel, and push your way in. There, already seated and drinking something steaming, are faces both familiar and foreign. The master taught many over the years, and you do not expect to know everyone. But you have all come for the same purpose, to remember their lessons. The night is already passing, and by morning you must be on your way. It is time to begin the ceremony to remember the one who pushed you along this path, both the joyful memories, and 

The Hard lessons


The Hard Lessons is a storytelling and world-building game designed for fast pick-up-and-play that's easy for new or shy players but deep enough for seasoned roleplayers. Written for a one-shot experience, The Hard Lessons is perfect for a party or game-night environment, or as a session zero world-building tool for your next campaign! All you need is the rules, a standard deck of cards, and something to drink to get playing.

In The Hard Lessons, you'll play a group of former students who gather to remember your fallen Master who taught you in the Master’s school. You will tell stories about who you each thought your master was, and how you experienced them. When the night passes and the sun finally rises, this group of former students must decide whether one of you will take up the mantle of Master, whether none of you will, or if you will destroy the school once and for all. You may even discover a traitor in your midst.




Written by: J.W.G. Wise

PDF Layout by: Benjamin Wallis


Matt Byrne, Brian Grace-Duff, Madison Liesch, Ashton Lorelle, David Stallings, Christopher Szumski, Ben Wallis


Players - 2-4
Time to Play - 2-3 Hours
Ages - 10+
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