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The Worst Days

The Worst Days is an upcoming horror TTRPG about being young and confronting supernatural evil. 

Focusing heavily on Character Creation, Relationship Building, and Social Interactions, The Worst Days invites players to care about characters in a deep and meaningful way...

Before sending horrific cosmic monsters to tear them to pieces.

We've been playtesting The Worst Days since September 2020, and hope to release it in the summer of 2023. But you can check out the game every week at




Game Design and Text by: J.W.G. Wise

Platested by

Justin Allen, Matt Byrne, Connor Castteel, Ashton Lorelle, Garard Marquez, Meaghan Martin, Rachel Max, Michael Morris, Anja Nelsen, Carlina Parker, Bri Price, Alyssa Russell, Shannon Spangler, Quinn Stiefbold, Christopher Szumski, Blissy Vito, Ben Wallis 

Players - 3-6
Time to Play - 8+ Hours
Ages - 16+
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The Latest Updates for The Worst Days

Sep 20, 2022

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