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Itchfunding is Live!

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We are live with our first ever APON Games itchfunding campaign! Our team is very excited to see this campaign take off, and look forward to producing a beautiful, final digital edition of The Hard Lessons. We're also excited as this marks the beginning of a new adventure for APON Games. For those of you supporting what we do in a variety of ways, we want to say thank you.

When you back The Hard Lessons here on itch, you'll immediately receive the beta ashcan edition of the game. The game is currently completely playable, and we hope that you will take time to play it. Your feedback on the game, edits, and layout, are greatly appreciated as we continue to play test and refine The Hard Lessons. As we work to refine the game, we'll also be working on the character record sheet and play sets to unlock at higher tiers. Now, this is important. Remember that in order to get the final, full digital edition and any/all goals unlocked in the campaign to back at the $10 level. You can scroll to the bottom of the page to select a reward tier.

This is our first itchfunding campaign, so it is crucial for us to get the word out about The Hard Lessons and what we're doing with APON Games. The Hard Lessons is our first release because we were very excited to bring this game to you. Every play test produced very memorable stories, and we knew there were many of you out there would enjoy bringing this game to your table. I'm also really excited to see this game used in a few settings. First, I think it'll be great as a worldbuilding tool for new or ongoing campaigns. Second, I think this is a great way to introduce your non-roleplaying friends to rpgs. It's so easy to pick up and play, and the play style is extremely flexible. It guides you through great storytelling together, and gives tools to shy players to warm up and get into it.

However you use The Hard Lessons, we know you'll enjoy it. Again, thank you for helping us by supporting the game and spreading the word to others. We'll give you more development updates as the game and campaign progress!

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