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THL Digital Zine Funded!

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We did it! We funded The Hard Lessons in under 12 hours. Thank you all who supported the project so far. Josh and I begin the work of preparing a final, polished digital zine edition of the game, and honestly much faster than expected.

Tonight we'll take a minute to be excited and rest, and then we are onto the next goal. At $500 we unlock character record sheets for the game. This will be a really nice addition to the game, and add some polish to both physical and digital play.

After that things get really fun, as we begin to unlock Play Sets. Play Sets are customized versions of the base game, completely tailored to a particular genre and setting. So while your "Master" will be completely unique to your game, the prompts drawn from the deck of cards will change to fit the setting in a more specific way. The first play set is the Pirate Master, and funds at $600.

There are still many people out there who would love to bring The Hard Lessons to their game table or game night. Your help in spreading the word will help us connect the game to the audience out there who would love to play.

Thank you again, everyone, for helping us fund The Hard Lessons today. We look forward to what comes next, and we can't wait to hear your stories of Masters, students, and all of those hard lessons learned.

-Ben Wallis

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