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Final Week, Pirate Play Set Goal Unlocked, Podcast Appearances, Playtest Live Stream, and our Next Funding Goal!

Here it is folks, the final week of our itchfunding campaign for The Hard Lessons. We're very excited and proud to not only have funded the full digital edition of The Hard Lessons but also unlocked two of our 'stretch' goals: Character Record Sheets and a full Pirate themed play set! Thank you all so much for helping us get this far in the campaign. We only have one week left, so this is an extremely important time for the campaign. We need your help to push us over the finish line, so here are some things you can do to help make this campaign as successful as possible.

Here's how you can help:

  • Post about the final hours of the campaign on the RPG subreddit
  • Talk about the final hours of the campaign in TTRPG Facebook groups.
  • Tweet and quote tweet about the game in the final week to help us spread the word.
  • Tell people who you might not normally consider ttrpg players about the campaign. The game works really well for game nights, board game groups, and folks who aren't necessarily already into ttrpgs. Share with everyone you know!
  • Join us on the APON discord server to chat about the game and find folks to play with.

Podcasts and Streams

The Church of the Geek podcast hosted Josh as a guest to talk about The Hard Lessons and the All Ports Open Network last week, and it was a fabulous interview. I think you'll really enjoy their discussion of the origins of The Hard Lessons. Check it out, and share it with others to help spread the word about what we're doing!

Josh and I were joined by two new players on stream last week on the APON Games twitch channel to playtest the new rules for The Hard Lessons. This Thursday at 9pm we plan to finish the game. Check out the VOD and join us Thursday night as we make our final week push and give these new rules a good playtest.

Now, let's talk about what is still left to fund.

Play Set Goals

With one week to go in the campaign, we funded our first Play Set for a full Pirate themed skin of The Hard Lessons. If you read Josh's last development update about the game, you learned that the game is getting a major overhaul. Josh has taken the original concept of the game and expanded it so that each card has its own unique story prompt. This will have a huge effect on the Play Sets, as it means they will be extremely customized versions of the game for their setting. 

Our next funding goal is to unlock a Superhero themed Play Set of  that would have its own set of customized story prompts to tell the story of a legendary superhero who has fallen, and their students who've gathered to decide who will take up the mask and cape. If we hit $700 by the end of the campaign - midnight Sunday - all backers at the $10 level and higher will receive the Superhero themed Play Set, the Pirate themed Play Set, character record sheets, and the full digital version of The Hard Lessons.

But what if we hit $800 instead? I've dreamed up my own Play Set of The Hard LessonsGlory DaysGlory Days is a Hard Lessons playset where you look back at the coach that took your high school sports team to the championship game and changed your childhood forever. Like heading to the ballpark on a sunny spring day, I want Glory Days to be full of nostalgia, disappointment, and exhilarating hope for what can be. If you love rooting for the home team or rocking out to a great Springsteen jam in the summertime, or want to play in a Friday Night Lights type setting, Glory Days will be perfect for you and we can easily unlock that with spreading the word and funding just $200 more dollars by the end of the campaign.

Huge thanks again to all of you for supporting The Hard Lessons and your excitement about the game. Join us at the APON discord server to continue the conversation and let us know what you think.

- Ben aka ThatGamerPriest

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